Nextatlas at Decoded Fashion

don't forget the compass

A compass, a notebook, a reel of green wire, all enclosed in a box that represents Nextatlas’ brand promise: leading the way in the net of new trends.

To promote its innovative new software at the Decoded Fashion in Milan, iCoolhunt tasked Bellissimo with finding a creative and original solution.


But how to make tangible the value and the potential of a service capable if interpreting big data in search for future trends ?

Bellissimo chose to materialize the intangible, creating an original and elegant gift box: inside a series of small objects symbolically representative of Nextatlas features.

The software's capability to connect data in the complex universe of fashion its represented via a reel of green wire that can be used to unite the dots in a special connect the dot minigame.

Also in the box the "Trend Observer" notebook and a compass, Nextatlas symbol.

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