Nesta Italia

technology on a human scale

Bellissimo designed the image for the Nesta Italia initiative promoting the use of artificial intelligence to improve community well-being.

Artificial Intelligence (IA) is destined to enter our daily lives in an increasingly pervasive manner. How can we shape its use to be advantageous on a human, social, civic and public scale?

To stimulate the debate on the topic of AI for Social Good, the Nesta Italia foundation for innovation has organised “Intelligenza Artificiale & Comunità del Futuro”, an event that is part of the Milano Digital Week.

Citizens, stakeholders and international experts will be involved in a series of panel discussions and workshops aimed at exploring together the risks and benefits in applying new technologies for resolving social problems.

Our studio designed an evocative and recognisable image for the event, which easily lends itself to being used on various items and in various shapes: leaflets, posters, social networks and gadgets, to name a few.

Artificial intelligence is represented by stylised elements that are reminiscent of an electronic circuit and the features of the human brain. The composition enriches and “enhances” a simply-shaped heart symbolising man and his community. 

The contrast between the emotional and rational spheres is of a chromatic nature: warm shades of red and orange are highlighted on a blue and black base.

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