Nastrificio 271

the future in “sight”

A new green building projects is being built on the site of an old ribbon factory. Bellissimo organised the presentation evening and the set up of the story on site.

In San Mauro Torinese, in the environs of Turin, the Landmark architects practice and FC General Contractor and Proklima.House are building Nastrificio 271, in the area of the ex Nastrificio Bonicatti, ribbon factory.

The three companies tasked Bellissimo with organizing the event and setting it up to exhibit the sector public this ambitious effort, which is one of the largest residential green building projects in Italy.

The strong idea of the event was based on the discovery of the building while it was being built: not by adapting the building site to the event, but rather, by adapting the event to the building site, to enhance it and to tell the history of its philosophy.

Hence, in this temporary exhibition space insulating panels become counters and seats, while wood-fibre coated walls support the storytelling panels, metal structures for the plasterboard walls are used to display the prints. In short, a set design that is as recyclable and flexible as the construction site hosting it.

The exhibit covers the story of the project and the key construction challenge: integrating a reinforced concrete foundation with the all-wood structure of the living rooms, both of which are apparent at this stage. Similarly, photos and materials from the tape factory's past are interwoven with narrative panels concerning future living alternatives.

Bellissimo was in charge of every aspect of this community gathering. An enthralling evening also due to the atmosphere created by the accurate choice of lights: from the geometries of the neon illumination, to the pink and blue lights bringing out both the softness of the wooden shapes and the angular iconic metal roofing sheets geometries.

The experience with the Nastrificio is a stage in the collaboration with FC General Contractor, a construction, renovation and interior design company, which during the event showed the first elements of the visual identity designed by the studio.

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