Mosaico Torino

e pluribus unum

Bellissimo assisted the launch of the public art project #MosaicoTorino, which introduced the 2016 edition of Luci d'Artista.

A panorama of the city, formed by thousands of photos shared on Instagram. #MosaicoTorino reflects the relationship between the skyline of the city and the endless flow of images that represents it.

The visual work, available on the website of Dead Photo Working, was projected every evening until 15th January on the west side of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation.

To take part in the installation, people simply had to post post your images from a public Instagram profile —even a temporary one— using the hashtag #mosaicotorino.

In a first step, Bellissimo/Luca Ballarini advised on the means, times and contents of the communication strategy.

The studio then developed the visual identity — deliberately minimal to leave space to the photographic expression — to promote and officially launch the project.

The black grid on white background recalls that of Google Images shortly before displaying search results.

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