revealing regio parco

The international magazine lands in Turin for its column on emerging neighbourhoods.
Bellissimo gave its contribution as an expert on the area, appearing on the monthly issue and the news report.

The role of the Regio Parco area as a new creative district of the city had been discussed for some time. Monocle’s heading Property Prospectus (November 2015) provided the final confirmation: Bellissimo, for fifteen years right next to the Scalo Vanchiglia station, belongs to one of the most interesting districts of Turin.

On Luca Ballarini’s advice, the Italian correspondent Ivan Carvalho chose to tell about Regio Parco, a former industrial area washed by the river Dora, recently repopulated by innovative activities.

Convinced by the melting pot that lives between Via Catania and corso Regio Parco, Monocle dedicated the new and old residents of the area an article enriched by the pictures of the photographer Luigi Fiano.

Among the places indicated by Bellissimo, the "neighbours" Franco Noero, with his art gallery, the architect Maurizio Zucca, and Elena Pignata’s atelier Ombre di Foglia — all portrayed at the bottom of the page.

The editors of Tyler Brûlé’s magazine chose to come back and film a short documentary, signed by Ivan Carvalho and the filmmaker Henry Albert.

The video also shows Bellissimo’s Blue Loft and includes an interview with Luca Ballarini. This is the second one for Monocle, after the follow-up for Section D, the design program on radio Monocle 24, on the Expo passport designed by us (here the episode).

Hereafter the other pictures of the photographer Luigi Fiano for the report news.

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