MoneyFarm Investment Boutique

branding in woodwork

The team of Bellissimo accepted a challenge they never faced before: telling the story of a brand through a temporary shop which had to be set up from scratch. A work involving installation, interior design and architecture.

The MoneyFarm Investment Boutique opened its doors from 16th May to 8th July in the Brera district of Milan, in Via Fiori Chiari on the corner with Via Formentini — watch the video here.

The creation of an exhibition on investment is not a usual request, nor the most reassuring either.

The MoneyFarm Investment Boutique was a store without products, a show-room of concepts, where to meet the financial advisory services and the principles of MoneyFarm through installations, content and expertise. A place more similar to a museum than to a typical temporary exposition.

Imagining it, designing its interior, translating abstract principles into an artistic attraction and finally setting it up was a real challenge, although a very rewarding one.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini combined its range of competencies for the design of this boutique: graphics and writing skills, event development and production, as well as an extensive knowledge in exhibit design.

The key concepts of the MoneyFarm service were broken down across 160 square metres of exhibition space, and developed one by one through original installations.

Lower costs and Transparency: a system of metal marbles rolling across two ramps with obstacles aid the visual comparison of the costs of the MoneyFarm service against those of a common investment fund.

Independence: on the one hand the MoneyFarm cupboard, from which the consultants can freely choose the most profitable products for the customer.

On the other, the advisors cupboard, where some of the shelves are cordoned off, to represent the limits that influence their choices.

Method: a roulette table with an invitation to reflect on the most efficient investment method. Is it better to choose a specific investment fund or a reference market?

FabLab Torino was commissioned the roulette designed by Bellissimo, which was built by Fabrizio Alessio, designer winner of the 2016 Compasso d'Oro —Targa Giovani award.

Ortofoglio is a small greenhouse which represents the basic principles required for the management of a successful portfolio: as in agriculture, these are variety, tailored choices, professional care and a proper setting.

Return: a wire pulley system indicates the expected return on the investment (from +5% to +54%). The best results will be achieved only by increasing the duration and the level of aggressiveness.

A second installation, framing economic performance figures in sliding curtains, shows the consumer goods that can be obtained over the years by investing each month 100€ or 150€.

An alternative to investment? Suffering the effect of inflation and loss of value in savings.

Profiling: people entering the exhibition space could take a semi-serious test, drawn over an entire wall, and identify which of the six risk profiles provided by MoneyFarm matched their investor's identity. The results would be checked in a following step, by means of the official questionnaire available in the various workstations connected to the website.

The “Finance lies” completed the space: helium balloons carrying false beliefs and prejudices on investment and trading —each with its disproof.

On the upper floor, the MoneyFarm Smart Investment Museum —SIM was set up, where visitors could receive finance tips through panels dedicated to financial instruments, events, investors and curiosities.

Wood, ground and gears were thus added to the communication materials, for a “three-dimensional branding” project.

Building on the experience in Venice for the Pilsner Urquell beer and the MIT Senseable City room in the Biennale, this event represented for Bellissimo a return —on a higher level— to interior architecture and exhibition spaces.

The creativity process embraced the entire project, from the concept to the technical design, the furnishings and the support given to the woodworking of Italo Fusetto during his remarkable activity. Everything was handled in-house, under the supervision of the architect Andrea Paoletti.

We got our heads down on the economic concepts that had to be presented, in order to create a promotional space with a clear focus on financial education, accessible to everybody.

A small explanatory brochure, an evolution of a museum floor plan, guided through the installations and supplemented the content presented.

The name itself, the hashtag acronym #MIB, borrowed from the Milan Stock Exchange index, put the MoneyFarm Investment Boutique forward as the new financial centre in the city.

Economy, however, was not the only focus. The 50-days exhibition followed a programme dedicated to enterprise, innovation and independence —three of the themes dear to the MoneyFarm founders.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini planned the events calendar with the MoneyFarm team, drawing on the extensive experience in designing formats and involving personalities from multiple fields.

#MIB introduced, among other proposals, Wednesday Talks, meetings with managers and personalities from the Italian economic world; Independent Days, during which visitors could listen to the free rein stories of professionals; Financial breakfasts, morning breaks with economic briefings by Antonio Belloni.

Financial advisory is often offered in the digital language of screens, through a cold interactive technological experience.

MoneyFarm adopted a bold strategy, where the brand takes shape in a concrete, tangible manner, consistent with the 2015/2016 advertising campaign, also signed by Bellissimo.

A choice of immediacy, for those who just need to inform and present their offer to affirm themselves as solid service providers.

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