MoneyFarm Guerrilla

A different stand

The distinctive offer of a young financial consulting firm was put on stage, in the most engaging way, during a small but incisive event.
Thanks to a fictional alter ego.

MoneyFarm, a company that deals with asset management and web-based investment, promoted its services at the 2015 Salone del Risparmio… even though it did not take part in it.

In view of the most important Italian event of the sector (Milan, 25th to 27th March), the company asked Bellissimo to organise a guerrilla marketing event outside Bocconi University, host of the fair.

The goal was to communicate the big difference between MoneyFarm — an online platform to manage own funds — and its competitors, casting light on the lack of transparency and effectiveness of usual investment proposals (starting with banking products).

Hence, the idea of ​​the comparison. Bellissimo created an imaginary competitor, MoneyGrab, symbol of deceptive financial advisors.

MoneyFarm’s and MoneyGrab’s stands competed in front of the public entrance of the fair.

The first offered food and gadgets (as well as promotional material), proving to customers the advantages of relying on MoneyFarm.
The second pretended to offer popcorn and cotton candy, while a professional actor caught the attention of the bystanders shouting out “mistreats your savings”.

A project able to communicate complex issues with a witty language, whilst maintaining the credibility and reputation of the MoneyFarm service.

Bellissimo oversaw the production and management of the event also realising all the graphics, promotional and communication material.

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