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investing in communication

Informed communication: the MoneyFarm radio and press campaign.
The best time to consider the offer, brand promise, target and whole corporate picture.


All of this is explained in this video, in an interview with MoneyFarm's Head of Sales and CEO.

Building on the guerrilla marketing initiative, which took place during the "Il Salone del Risparmio" trade fair in Milan, Bellissimo developed the new campaign to promote the financial consulting services of MoneyFarm. Born in 2011 and based in Milan and London, MoneyFarm was recognised in 2015 as the "Best Independent Financial Advisor Company" in Italy.

Since November 2015, the campaign gained national visibility in the press, on the radio and on the web, thanks to a series of multi-subject ads and a radio commercial.


These were the result of a thorough analysis, which started with interviews to those members of the company who every day interact with potential and not potential customers, in order to better understand the target and the most effective messages, the most important values as well as the mistakes that must be avoided.

Bellissimo involved key figures of the company and external professionals in the dialogue, from which the need to illustrate the brand promise, the communication language and the target emerged. All these elements were addressed later on in the campaign, that revealed a renovated visual and verbal style.

As a last step before going "on air", a target focus group led by Kkienn's researchers evaluated our creative proposals.

Given the complexity of the topics, such as that of investment, the test helped us to understand what claims and directions benefited MoneyFarm most, in order to further refine communication and ensure its effectiveness.

The result was a multi-subject campaign with a sharp and professional language, more institutional and self-confident but never rhetorical, so as to near the brand to the public of aware investors without sacrificing its innovating personality.

The commercial on Radio 24 ends with the new slogan conceived for MoneyFarm: “the guarantee of an intelligent investment”.

Since February 2016, MoneyFarm has been relaunching the campaign with a series of billboards and videos in stations (above, Porta Garibaldi station, in Milan), the Milan metro and the airport of Linate (below).

The campaign covers the entire country thanks to the numerous ads on the national press: Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Internazionale, L’Espresso.

The collaboration with MoneyFarm continued in 2016 with the design and construction of the MoneyFarm Investment Boutique, an innovative temporary store.

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