Mirafiori Fun Factory

ideas for the city

An awarded architectural and place branding project to revive a disused factory with a new free-time concept.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini collaborated with the architecture studio PAT. and a group of experts on the project which came third in the competition for the temporary re-use of a large area of the former Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin.

The concept proposed was that of a Mirafiori Fun Factory: a large urban park for sports, entertainment and factory life — a space where to combine leisure activities and production with a whole new range of functions.

A place of European inspiration, where skaters and workers share the same space, meant to host everyday life and gather people from the entire region by means of great attractions, such as a dynamic wavefront for surfing and a kart track.

The jury called to determine the winners of the competition welcomed the Mirafiori Fun Factory for the clarity of the idea — a freed-time factory — and the metropolitan scale of the project, aiming at reactivating a part of the city in a sustainable way.

In addition to contributing to the concept, Bellissimo took part in the design of the visual identity of the project: a colourful, attractive and distinctive image that, through a "circle of circles", tells about the richness and dynamism of the premises — an ideal place branding process.

Led by the architects of PAT., the project team included Bellissimo, CZ Studio Associati, JLL Italia and Talent Garden Torino.

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