MIND Milano Innovation District

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Milan’s hub of excellence and neighborhood, a model of urban regeneration, comes to life. Bellissimo curates the new web content and design.

The project is part of the collaboration that has linked the studio to Arexpo, the urban redevelopment company that owns the area and has been in charge of its development since 2020. You can visit the website here: mindmilano.it

MIND Milano Innovation District is a territorial development and regeneration project unique in Italy and Europe.

The 1-million-square-meter area that hosted Expo 2015 now presents itself as a scientific hub of international excellence and a city district, thanks to the organizations that have already taken up their offices in the District and others that will find a base here.

Not only extensive facilities of public interest, such as the Italian Life Sciences Research Institute (Human Technopole), a hospital, and the future science campus of the Statale University. But also tech companies, startups, laboratories and services, residential spaces, plazas, and vast green areas.

The website tells and shows all this, according to the idea of MIND as a “common ground” for different purposes and audiences: a shared place to be lived all day and every day, where to exchange ideas, do research and business, cultivate interests, and leisure.

The creation of the new website emerges as a full-fledged editorial project to give room to the District’s many ambitions and challenges: environment, community, and economic growth. (Bellissimo curated the various contents of the story except for the opening video.)

The idea of MIND’s dual nature —ecosystem for the country’s innovation and the next urban center of the city’s fabric— is always at the center.

The structure and layout meet the need for a straightforward narrative that allows easy navigation among the many sections. Slogans and animated elements restore the dynamism of the environment.

The content alternates between different points of view: from the architectural design and master plan of the District (the hardware) to the values and early players (the software). The “Minders” section is dedicated to these and presents the tenants, founders, and involved partners who engage in the project.

Then there are the individual perspectives of those who experience the District. For them, Bellissimo has come up with a series of interviews-portraits: these are the "Stories of Innovation" that enrich the Community page.

Among the voices, researchers, managers, and Third Sector figures who help animate MIND and express its energy, strength, and values. Each contributes his or her ideas of innovation and vision for the life of the District.

The development of the Milan Innovation District is a unique case for its size and economic impact (2.4 billion in private investment) and the public-private partnership arrangements that made it possible.

In addition to Arexpo, the project’s institutional referent, Bellissimo collaborated with Lendlease, a household name in global real estate, entrusted with the District’s private development.

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