Milano Film Festival

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Bellissimo signs the 2018 campaign of Milano Film Festival, a project by esterni. The artistic director of this edition is Gabriele Salvatores.

For the 23rd edition, the Milanese festival of independent cinema born in 1995 intends to return to its origins: for vision and impact in the city.

Taking a cue from the 90s, our studio found in the cult of VHS the creative way to represent an event that wants to restore value to the cinema in the era of digital access.

Films on tapes: personal items to store, collect and share. Means of a time that seems far away, when watching a film was an experience made of moments to pay attention to.

The motto "High Standards. No Definition" recalls the indications on the cases and tells a festival of international mentality, which avoids a pre-established label.

The project involves the entire communication: from the announcements of the festival, which punctuate the rhythm of the campaign with geometric variations, to the new website and social media, where the analogical imagery tackles the digital language.

Another new feature introduced for the 2018 edition is the logo, which in this edition will be presented in the form of a cap with the initials MFF.

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