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Values and horizons for a generational transition: Bellissimo is a branding consultant in the relaunch of an architecture practice in New York.

Meltzer/Mandl Architects is a New York real estate developer known for the robustness and effectiveness of its residential projects in the city.

The many buildings built in the 1990s earned the founder, Marvin Meltzer, a reputation as a pragmatic and talented professional, especially in the affordable or low-income housing market — a number of complexes in the Bronx still receives recognition for its original solutions in the face of (low) budgets and (many) constraints.

The studio became interested in Bellissimo in 2020, in view of a phase of strong renewal. The second generation, represented by Eli Meltzer, aims at relaunching the business on the basis of the same design philosophy, branding is the ideal tool to achieve that.

The series of interviews involves the two "principals" of the company. The dialogue returns to the constants of MMA's projects: the resolute approach, the ability to make the most of the available resources and times, the commitment to create places that foster a sense of community.

The brand values and Stella Polare written by Bellissimo transform Marvin and Eli Meltzer's words into a story of two generations united by the idea that good architecture does not require large budgets, but the close union between talent and discipline instead.

This narrative is the basis on which to base a new communication and tone of voice, with which to stand out in a scenario among the most competitive. The will is to reaffirm the centrality in the sector with the same openness to novelties always demonstrated — the choice to turn to an Italian communication firm for branding consultancy confirms this.

The first storytelling tool is a new newsletter where is to show real estate expertise in different New York neighborhoods, meaningfully titled "The Hyper Local". Bellissimo has taken care of the graphic look: the headpiece is inspired by the façade of a large building designed by MMA.

With this case of branding from "intercontinental distance", Bellissimo once again exercises its affinity in the field of construction and architecture, after the projects for Fondazione Renzo Piano, Mario Cucinella Architects, Leap.

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