a story to be built

An accurate editorial-design project is
the first collaboration between Leap and the studio.

Building houses is an enthralling and complex topic to deal with.
Leap offers developers and architects an advanced construction system, based on modules to be assembled according to the project, able of combining care in design, economic advantages and superior environmental performance.

Leap asked our studio to develop a Company Profile to convey the richness of their offer and to support the commercial activity.

Technical solutions, distinctive benefits, values and data. The editorial project started with the the analysis that is required to write an incisive story.

Leap systems aim at three sectors: residential, hospitality, construction in extreme environments. The objective of a clear communication has guided both graphic design and copywriting.

The company profile shows family scenes and technical focus, natural scenarios and various advantages (ecological, in flexibility, in timing), exposed with great attention to messages and care for the atmosphere.

Among the graphic solutions proposed by the studio, a double page opens like a window to allow simultaneous viewing of the possibilities of combining the four modular systems.

In addition to supervision during production, the choice of materials and printing methods have also been a Bellissimo’ responsibility.

An example is the cover made with a special iridescent paper that enhances the product, conveys Leap's attention to materials and enriches the tactile experience.

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