Le Gru rebranding

at the center of worlds

Bellissimo partners with Cório and Le Gru mall, to renovate in 2013 the image and majors activity, or "worlds"of the shopping center : GruVillage, Grulandia and Gru Radio.

Among the major objectives of the Grugliasco's (Turin) shopping center, there is the coherent rearrangement of its various pre existing logos, in a rigorous graphic format, capable of presenting them in a clear and distinguished way.

The new brand architecture its the first step towards the renewal of the visual communication of the mall.

After a series of creative postcards, Bellissimo curated the outdoor advertising campaign in the city, as well as the graphic set up inside the shopping center.

"Un luogo da vivere”, the new payoff was as well a creation of Bellissimo.

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