Lavazza Visual Identity

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Lavazza expands its vocabulary, with Bellissimo developing the visual identity of Italy's largest coffee brand and one of the leading global producers.

After a series of restyling and packaging design tasks dedicated to the brand's best-known products, from Qualità Oro to the capsule line, the studio focused on the Lavazza brand itself. The project stands out for its freedom and courage.

The Lavazza logo is one of those Italian symbols that attest to the influence of our culture in the world for taste and styles.

In 2022, the company wanted to enrich the brand's visual communication — which, until now, had consisted of the famous blue “lettering” and a few fundamental elements for communication: the aroma, the lettering, and the institutional blue.

Animating the visual communication were the various Lavazza brands, defined as “power brands”, such as Qualità Oro or ¡Tierra!

Bellissimo's project to integrate the visual identity stems from the “More than Italian” adv campaign that Lavazza has put forward in recent years — the starting point to build a world in freedom.

The revamped visual identity aims to interpret the style historically associated with Lavazza with greater dynamism and contemporary vitality. A creative, high-energy language suspended between several references: pop spirit, retro hints, and light irony — Lavazza's original signature tone.

The primary element is a system of multi-coloured wavy bands with almost optical lines, ideal for animating video and digital applications.

The visual set is then enriched with a series of graphic elements derived from the brand's imagery: from the cup and distinctive spoon with a proprietary design to the Carmencita moka pot, a coffee bean, and the central letter A in the Lavazza logo.

The elements are combined freely, disregarding rigid patterns and following a few simple principles: overlapping, repetitions and rotations, and the use of shapes as masks for images and graphics.

At the centre of these visuals is of coffee and our relationship with its taste, bearer of energy and life.

The photo selection revives more iconic elements from Lavazza's communication, giving space to the engaging tone of voice built over time — the of a “premium smiling brand”, as they define it.

The combination with the icons' system reinforces the overall meaning of the project.

The new visual identity draws symbols and references from the visual heritage that is part of the brand's heritage, and reassembles them with highly inventive elegance.

The language speaks of a living, positive brand — Italian in its determination to continue to engage the public through creativity.

With this project, Bellissimo tackles the shared history of a historical brand with courage. The brief came from the client, who was very much involved in the process.

In previous years, the studio had many occasions to collaborate on the company's most relevant products, from the renewal of products and packaging (Qualità Oro, Suerte, Crema e Gusto) to various limited editions (Qualità Rossa) to naming cases (Lavazza A Modo Mio Idola and Voicy) and editorial projects such as the publication of Coffee Sapiens on the web.

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