Lavazza Training Center

the joy of technique

Expressing the appeal of coffee science and culture with an editorial line inspired by contemporary magazines: this is what Bellissimo aims for with Lavazza Training Center’s Training books.

The studio curated the graphic design project of the three-issue set of the Training Center Books, where Lavazza presents its technical knowledge about coffee.

Lavazza promotes training activities in different fields.
The “Training Books” commissioned by Lavazza retrace the entire production process of coffee in less than 500 pages: from the plant to manufacturing processes, from the different preparation methods to today’s gastronomy.

To collect a universe so wide requires a printing layout based on harmony, clearness, cohesion, in order to guarantee an easy readability and navigation. And it still wouldn’t be enough for the incredible field of the history of coffee.

Bellissimo chose to give to the issues an editorial form, inspired more by valuable collection books than by the usual training toolkits, with reference to Anglo-American magazines.

Bellissimo focused on frameworks and illustrations, with a long and accurate work on graphic design, and delivered a set of icons that illustrates the path that takes to ready-made coffee and the ways to enjoy it.

The most precious element is typography, that stands out thanks to a very distinctive font. As usual, this is not for mannerism: everything in the Training Books aims at giving back on the page the elegance and the charm of the coffee science and culture.

Our partnership with Lavazza now includes also our experience in editorial graphic design, after many loved projects destined to the shelves —from the restyling of Qualità Oro, Crema e Gusto or Suerte, to the naming of Idola.

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