Lavazza ¡Tierra! La Habana

cuba es vida, cuba es café

Bellissimo designed the packaging of the special edition that evokes the warm atmosphere of Havana.

2019 is the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban capital.
Lavazza celebrates the occasion by creating ¡Tierra! La Habana: a limited edition of the coffee line that pays attention to nature and cultures, which stands out for its taste and for the original design of the packs.

Bellissimo designed three different visual concepts that, together with the claim Cuba es Vida, Cuba es Café, tell different aspects of Cuban cultural richness: traditional costumes, the sense of belonging and the artistic expression.

Lavazza has chosen to produce all three, along with a graphic devised by Cuban illustrator Yanel. The result is a collection made up of three cans and a kilo bag that is obtaining great success.

The product is distributed only in selected locations in Italy and in three historic coffee bar in Havana.

The first proposal by Bellissimo is inspired by the colours of Havana’s street art. The two proud faces of a girl and a man represent the cultural roots of the population, but their gaze is turned towards the future.

For the second proposal our studio was inspired by Cuban pride.
The geometries of the Cuban flag come alive with key words that tell Havana: vida, futuro, ritmo, alma, fiesta, sabor.

Finally, the third proposal, designed for the 1 kg bag, focuses on Cuban art.
Different textures evolve in concentric circles that arise from the central stamp: the palaces of the famous Malecon promenade, the profile of Cuba and its flag. The two characters are drawn following the classic style and the typical colours of Cuban painting.

For the project we also created a special collectible couvette that combines the three graphics in a visual synthesis.

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