Lavazza Soft Pods

simple pleasure

Bellissimo signs the packaging of the new Lavazza coffee pods line.

Soft pods contain ground coffee in a filter paper. This allows to maintain the freshness and taste of the product without sacrificing the ease of preparing it.

Lavazza has chosen to enhance the product to respond to a growing diffusion of the system, particularly in France, Germany and Austria.

Bellissimo’s task was to create a new identity for the entire line, providing each of the 3 references with a distinctive character.

In addition to original combinations of “food appealing” colours, each product stands out for a photographic image set in a different context of consumption — the coffee shop, the house, the restaurant.

The iconic central cup is a common element, but it is positioned on tables made of different materials. The studio chose a polished aluminum with a contemporary design for the Classic coffee, a warm wood for the Intense and a soft white tablecloth for the Leggero.

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