Lavazza RTD U.S.

postcards on cans

Bellissimo designs the first Lavazza ready-to-drink line launching in the United States. Each product is the scene of an ideal trip to Italy.

Ahead of summer 2022, Lavazza is entering the U.S. market with its first range of cold brew coffee recipes in cans to consume cool.

The new product looks directly at a fast-growing segment, RTD coffee, and toward the habits of a younger audience (Gen Z). But it chooses to do so with the brand's distinctive positioning and values.

The Lavazza range insists on Italian identity through the Italian Journey concept: together, the products will tell a modern-day tour of some of the country's most evocative places — and Bellissimo tells this tale.

The studio ideates and creates a series of four views, four postcards from Italy, and its lifestyle panorama, ideally representing the tastes and feelings of the respective recipes.

Classic Cold Brew is paired with Venice and its timeless style. Piazza Duomo in Milan becomes the lively setting for the Double Shot coffee. A dip in the sea of the Faraglioni rocks in Capri evokes the smoothness on the palate of the Nitro Cold Brew, the nitrogen-infused recipe. Cappuccino Cold Brew tells of a leisurely break amid the cypress trees of Tuscany.

The style of the illustrations is minimal, just as fresh as the product dictates: it combines visual taste and the limitations of printing on tin surfaces. All subjects share the same horizon line, like four moments of a single overview of Italy.

The project takes up several key elements of Bellissimo's collaboration with Lavazza: above all, the idea of an Italian imagery capable of balancing international recognizability and a more authentic portrayal.

The product line thus enters a hyper-dynamic market by finding its own voice. In their different personalities, the four cold brews are united by contemporary elegance and a tight connection to the brand: Lavazza renews an Italian coffee tradition by addressing a new generation through graphic design, too.

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