Lavazza Ready to Drink

yes, we can

Cold, in a can: a new way of experiencing Italian coffee. Bellissimo designs the “iced coffee” line born from the collaboration between Lavazza and PepsiCo.

In the summer of 2019, Lavazza announced a novelty aimed at a fast-growing market in the world: a range of “Ready to Drink” cold coffees in cans, the result of a partnership with PepsiCo.

The new Lavazza Iced Cappuccino made its debut on the shelves of the United Kingdom in 2019. In the summer of 2020 the line was enriched with new flavours (Double Espresso & Milk, Cold Brew and Vanilla) and extended to Germany, Poland, France and Spain.

You can watch the launch video created by VMLY&R Italy here.

Bellissimo designed the packaging system of the new line, taking care of art direction and graphic design.

Balancing the idea of ​​quality, traditionally linked to Lavazza, and the freshness of a new product in the brand’s offer was our main task.

The can enhances the shapes of the symbolic “aroma”, and gives life to a premium-positioning design, to be declined on the entire line of cans.

The choice of dark shades, combined with a font like Bold Typography, emphasises the direct, even bold, character of a product aimed at a new generation of coffee consumers.

Energy and voluptuousness, elegance and intensity. The work of Bellissimo conveys these values ​​into a packaging with harmonious contrasts — to instil strength and distinctiveness.

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