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Redesigning the look of a “great classic” is all about dealing with the history of coffee in Italy.

The collaboration with Lavazza leads the studio to a new milestone.
At the beginning of 2019, Bellissimo worked on the restyling of Qualità Oro, a flagship blend for the company — a project that follows the redesign of Crema e Gusto and Suerte.

Qualità Oro is Lavazza’s first blend, a unique combination of 6 fine Arabicas. Since 1956 it has been the leading name in the brand’s line-up and a reference point for several generations of Moka coffee lovers and more.

The decision to renew the image of this icon was taken to reaffirm the high profile of the product in the market over time — a path that is extremely crucial in terms of strategic importance.

To meet the communication needs, Bellissimo visually translated the model of refined and accessible elegance pursued by Lavazza, with a unique concept.

The studio was inspired by another icon of our imagination: Cartier’s wedding rings. Formed by the union of three circles of different golds, the brand’s rings convey a contemporary sense of quality and harmony.

The medal symbol of Qualità Oro becomes the meeting of two intertwined rings, designed to give a three-dimensional effect.

The two upper bands were reworked using the same contemporary language to link the new ring with lightness.

The restyling also focuses on the lettering: the letter R in the centre of "Oro", specially designed with incisive lines, now becomes the distinctive sign of this product’s new phase.

The laurel branches, another traditional element that characterised Qualità Oro, become one of the refined details of the packaging, together with a small star with six coffee beans and the pack’s new information layout.

Lastly, the renovation project signed by Bellissimo also concerns the new variant of Qualità Oro, a 100% Arabica coffee with a more intense and very aromatic flavour, made from coffee grown on high ground.

The “Caffè d'Altura” variety is presented to its customers with a black background graphic design, which further enhances the premium positioning of Qualità Oro.

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