Lavazza Open Coffee

coffee as a lifestyle

The collaboration between Bellissimo and Lavazza is renewed once again, with a case of logo design that aims at the social media.

A new Lavazza project, Open Coffee is a digital space where to share ideas, inspirations and experiences — a community lead by “coffee lovers“ and addressed to an audience interested in new trends.

The Italian coffee leader chooses an innovative approach to communication, with no limits to present its products, by expressing a lifestyle, an imaginary bounded to the desire of discovering, traveling and living the free time.

The result is a collective experiment, a storytelling with images and words, curated by some of the top influencers selected by Lavazza together with Nextatlas (a trend-research society that Bellissimo knows well).

Already active on Instagram with a dedicated channel, Open Coffee will be soon extended to other social platforms.

Bellissimo was asked to conceive the logo and visual identity.

The studio proposed a graphic solution strongly linked to digital communication: the composition plays with the letters O and C in a way that remembers a cup of coffee seen from above — but also a magnifying glass typical of web researches.

The simplicity of the circular shapes and the colours selection make the symbol minimal, not invasive, ideal for a background where the visual component of the shared images must prevail.

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