Lavazza NCC

capsule collection

Lavazza's historic brands enter the world of aluminium capsules. Bellissimo designs the visual identity of the new range on the shelf.

Qualità Oro, Qualità Rossa, ¡Tierra!, Crema e Gusto: Lavazza introduces
its “power brand”, its most famous products, in the offer of capsules for Nespresso systems (hence the acronym NCC, Nespresso Compatible Caps) and entrusted Bellissimo with the graphic design for this new format.

The challenge is threefold. To convey the excellence of a new product, enhance the character of each blend, while bringing out the presence of the range in a uniform - and with great visual impact, given the high level of competition on this “shelf”.

In order to interpret the iconic strength of the various Lavazza brands in a contemporary key, the decisive creative intuition was to focus on the design of the capsule.

The graphics thus envelop the aluminium surfaces, each with its own distinctive composition of lettering and colours standing out against the metal walls of the enclosure.

On the "secondary" pack, the box, is the overall image of the range. The typical shapes of the aroma house the colours of the various brands and their nuances, with the capsule photographed in the foreground.

The project, for which Bellisimo took also care of the product-related storytelling, is a further step in the collaboration with Lavazza, a long-standing client of the agency.

The task required, in its essentiality, a mix of technical thoughtfulness and great sensitivity in dealing with such a shared visual heritage as these brands carry.

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