Lavazza Idola

international naming

The latest coffee machine launched by Lavazza is called Idola. The name is created by Bellissimo.

For our studio, it is among the most important projects of naming for international brands in recent years.

Giving a name is always a significant responsibility. In addition to creativity, they require strategy and research to stand out — especially in a sector with countless brands and products such as coffee.

Lavazza asked our studio to create the name for their latest-generation capsule machine A Modo Mio, that aims to follow the commercial successes of Jolie, Minù, Tiny.

Intended for customers who pay attention to the quality of coffee, the name Idola must express many values: the superior taste experience, the ease of use, the contemporary elegance of a design enhanced by high-quality materials.

Idola reminds the Lavazza offer of coffee machine with the feminine connotation of the name, but it stands out for its evocative tone at the same time: it is the “new icon” of a cult brand, ready to show off and surprise the public.

This naming project is part of a long-lasting collaboration between Bellissimo and Lavazza.

The studio has taken care of graphic restyling for the Suerte, A Modo Mio, Crema and Gusto lines, for the capsules and machines of the Firma range.

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