Lavazza Firma Pack Macchina

corporate premium

Another important project for Bellissimo: designing the packaging of the new Lavazza coffee machine, a product specifically aimed at offices

Following the restyling of the coffee packs, our commitment with Lavazza continued with the repackaging of Firma — Lavazza’s range of machines dedicated to businesses.

Inovy, Inovy Mini, Inovy Compact and Inovy Milk are the four new coffee machines designed to offer “the ideal break to everyone” on the workplace.
Bellissimo had the task of developing a packaging system capable of conveying the high quality and many functions of the product.

An elegant black background with a three dimensional effect and a careful use of the light are the elements that were chosen to enhance the silhouette of the coffee machines printed on the front and sides of the packages.

The new packaging also includes a wheel chart, carefully conceived, which lists the vast range of Lavazza capsules and blends, while highlighting the richness of the product and the strengths of the system.

The repackaging of Firma is not the first project of this kind for Lavazza: in 2016, the studio revised the A Modo Mio range of capsules packs and boxes and is currently involved in the restyling of the Lavazza Blue series.

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