Lavazza - Il caffè del Piccolo

protagonists not only behind the scenes

Bellissimo has designed for Lavazza
a communication concept for their activities
in the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.

The Piccolo Teatro is an institution of Milan and Italian cultural scene.
Lavazza has given to Bellissimo the design of a format with which communicate the activities before, during and after the performances.

So came out the idea of “Il caffè del Piccolo va in scena”, a concept that invites the audience to discover the theater in a more personal and addictive way — becoming a protagonist through tasting, coffee preparation demonstration and learning moments.

All of these melting the coffee excellence with the theater magic: two different, but complementary, worlds.

The audience can enjoy a show over the show, that goes on theater cafe,
in a creative frame that gives further value to the coffee.

In the communicative concept, Bellissimo has carried out also part
of the preparation tied to visual identity: menus of appointments, flyer, posters, paintings that show the coffee preparation systems.

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