Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy

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Bellissimo gives the name to the first ever coffee machine launched on the market that has
the Alexa system incorporated, so the agency took care of the packaging as well.

After Idola, it is the second naming project for the A Modo Mio line.

Important news of 2021: Lavazza extends the A Modo Mio system line with the first “Alexa built-in” espresso machine.

Developed in partnership with Amazon, the innovation aims at evolving the coffee experience: the incorporated virtual assistant allows the user to control the machine via vocal orders and app, to have access to new functions and features and interact with the other linked smart devices at home.

The chosen name for this brand-new product is Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy, which was one of the options suggested by Bellissimo.

The name Voicy privileges immediacy, placing the focus on the freshness and key feature of the product: the voice, both the user’s and Alexa’s.

Compared to the other premium machines such as Idola, Voicy gives up on the Italian tradition in favor of clarity. The familiar tone of voice, the pleasing sound, recall to a digital simplicity with the ending -y, bring to life a friendly and international name.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy presents itself as an intelligent innovation, capable of opening your home to the future. A device easy to relate to familiarly and personally.

Even though the goal is simplicity-directed, the naming still is a process of strategic brainstorming, creative challenges, selection and long-lasting research on the usage and originality of the suggestions. In the bare length of a name the space is shared among condensed values and different points of view: immediate comprehension, pronunciation…

For this project, the agency faced the “smart home” market, the home automation market and the coffee market all together, being able to make A Modo Mio Voicy the most successful and innovative fusion of these worlds.

Due to its international spread, the project represents the main experience of Bellissimo in the field of naming a product of the year.

The collaboration between Lavazza and Bellissimo for A Modo Mio Voicy is renewed a second time for the phase of designing the product packaging.

The visual language celebrates the design of the machine, shaping a universe of premium technology. The aim of the different elements is to “show the sound”: through graphic patterns and lines on a fully black background that reshape into waves and give the impression of a tridimensional space in harmony with and around Voicy.

The box shows the variety of features and functions and guarantees order and clarity for the content. The world of A Modo Mio embraces and shows the presence of Alexa through a blue ring, iconic color of the Amazon brand.

Overall, the project offers an evolution of Lavazza’s language into a strongly technological and digital one, strengthening the idea of innovation of a brand that aims at shaping the future of coffee since 1895.

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