Lavazza A Modo Mio

A systematic work

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini is back working with Italy’s leading coffee maker.

The occasion is the restyling of the A Modo Mio capsules and machines’ packs (originally designed by Interbrand), within the visual reorganisation project launched in 2016.

Lavazza does not need long descriptions. The company's home in Turin is only a few blocks away from our studio, but the collaboration with Lavazza involves working with products that reach the shelves of all around Italy and the world, where the brand is a symbol of coffee excellence.

Lavazza contacted Bellissimo for a project of great complexity, requiring sensibility and rigor: the restyling of the A Modo Mio product packs, following the new general brand guidelines.

Global distribution activities require dealing with a long process of business verifications.

Following the proposal of the new colour palette for the collection of flavours, our work focused on the thorough optimisation of the packs’ graphics design elements.

The long-coffee line, launched on the market in December 2016, was involved in the restyling process and now features two new distinctive pink gradations.

In total, the intervention on the A Modo Mio packaging involved 17 different items, including the coffee lines for the Australian, Israeli and North European markets. The new products will progressively reach the previous ones on top of shops shelves.

For Bellissimo, this challenge implied a huge work of graphics production, full of technical implications, in which to successfully measure ourselves against the productive needs of a large global company.

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