Lanificio Zignone — Open to New Times

new horizons

Zignone’s offer is being renewed, and so is the brand’s story. Up to Bellissimo to devise the campaign to evolve the brand positioning and communication of the new collection of fabrics.

Bellissimo has worked on the communication of Zignone, the dynamic wool mill from Biella: a process that began with branding and a visual restyling to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary and continued with a series of campaigns, an intensive editorial project and the creation of numerous promotional material.

The work of the studio follows the expansion of the textile offer, which has always been oriented towards functionality and a current sense of clothing, as opposed to outmoded formal clothing models. This textile study will turn a new page in 2021.

Within the ZignoneLAB, the family with the most sophisticated lines in terms of quality and usability, for the first time the wool mill provides a set of woollen fabrics geared towards shirting and other informal clothing.

Wool for shirts, overshirts, and other outerwear: not so much a revolution, rather a substantial advancement along a pre-existing line - 'A New Generation of Elegance' was the payoff for Bellissimo's branding.

The campaign for the new fabrics therefore provides an opportunity to update and broaden Zignone’s storytelling throughout, at a historic moment of profound revision of the shared and individual values of our societies.

This is precisely the function that the imagery and narrative of “Open to New Times” play.

The 2021 campaign, created and developed by Bellissimo, depicts the perfect day of a man on a quest for a more meaningful life balance.

Inspired by the international phenomenon of City Quitting, the story explores a rediscovered relationship with nature, a sociality that recovers the value of deeper connections, the rhythms of a different time, free of old patterns, but never leaving modernity behind.

Zignone’s textiles are aimed at a market in which the typical distinctions of indoor/outdoor, formal/casual, have gradually disappeared. Practicality, comfort, and moreover, an authentic spontaneous style take centre stage.

Bellissimo’s art direction of the campaign (with shooting and post are by Federico Masini, filming and editing by The Good Life Studio) is carried out with the extreme care that the narrative deserved.

The selection of the model and the location, the beautiful Rantan farmhouse in Val Chiusella, play a decisive part in honing the imagery.

The goal is to create a sophisticated society, yet never elitist, in constant balance between opposites: nature and technology, conviviality and reflection, independence and commitment, elegance and comfort.

In between walks at dawn and moments of concentration at home, the shoot finishes with a meal among a group of close friends.

In parallel Bellissimo has the task of developing the identity of the new ZignoneLAB lines, the communication of which was born from the work of the studio (naming, visual identity, a series of campaigns).

The expansion of the family offers three "sister" lines, the names signalling their respective characteristics. PureFeel tells of the softness of touch of a 100% wool fabric; BreezyFeel the summer freshness of linen-blend fabrics; WarmFeel the pleasure and comfort of warmer cotton fabrics.

The naming system concentrates on Zignone's uniqueness, materials in closer touch with the skin, in which the best of wool's inherent characteristics may be represented, and it opens the door to future applications.

The ZignoneLAB family received a distinctive symbol, a sign of openness to new horizons, and a new slogan: “Thinking Fabrics Beyond Habits”.

As usual, Bellissimo completes the project with the creation of promotional tools for the new products: folders and binder boxes, presentation cards for the sales force, through to the labels and pendants that will tell end consumers about the products.

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