Lanificio Zignone — Brochure

fabrics to leaf through

Zignone is told in a refined and flexible project, a tool for working and taking inspiration. Bellissimo took care of concept, art direction and contents.

Since 2017, Bellissimo has been working on the brand communication of Zignone, the Biellese wool mill that produces fabrics for men’s fashion — a branding process towards a contemporary positioning that was born here.

The need for a commercial and informative tool, which would demonstrate the values of a sophisticated, elegant and innovative production to customers, led to the idea of a paper brochure. This opened up a far-reaching task, which involved our studio in many ways.

The work carried out by us over time converges within the editorial project: the story of the company and its values, the campaigns dedicated to the product lines (such as E-Motion and ZignoneLAB), the contents on the commitment to sustainability. But it is only a starting point.

In choosing the format, Bellissimo accepted the challenge of a business sector subject to sudden evolutions: the design of an editorial product capable of being updated with the wool mill’s future creations.

The “collection” in six issues (and an elastic), modifiable in the future, is inspired by the fashion booklets used to present the products.

The result is a valuable storytelling tool, available in seven language versions: Chinese, Korean, French, Japanese, English, Russian and Spanish — a complexity that required an intense productive effort.

Each element in the graphic design is the result of great study.

The layout guides the reading by combining geometry and flexibility. With their wide white backgrounds, the pages are modelled to enhance the photographs, the true protagonists of the story, and alternate different styles according to institutional, technical or lifestyle-related themes.

The diagonal lines taken from the shapes of the Z logo are the common thread. It is a sign that represents the dynamism of the wool mill and its fabrics. All the covers dedicated to the families of products offer specific typographic creations.

For Zignone, the “brochure” —a certainly reductive term— is the ideal synthesis of the development of communication in recent years.

Page after page, issue after issue, all the values and the complex personality of a refined and spontaneous brand find expression, in a constant balance between charm and technical research, classicism and commitment to the future — always with the right measure of irony.

Together with the project for Leap, it is one of the recent examples of the “editor-designer” approach which lays its foundation in Bellissimo’s publishing activity. An attitude that combines the deepening of content and visual sensitivity, graphics and writing, in order to deliver relevant and contemporary products at the same time.

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