Label Magazine

the first italian style magazine

Contemporary, experimental, trend-forecaster.
Bellissimo was born together with Label, independent style magazine.

For ten years Bellissimo has curated the creative and art direction of the magazine, designing the layout and the graphic as well as planning the photo shootings.

For every issue, Bellissimo also created a typographic font in line with the topic of the issue, such as Delika or Extra.

A Book about Bellissimo”, was all about Label:

“Those who have contributed to a magazine know how each project is a whole new world. It is like a first love, or a very faithful imaginary friend. It gives a lot, but it needs a lot in turn. One puts in so much effort, that, at a certain point, the boundaries between creator and creature - made of pages, CMYK and ideas - fade out.

Bellissimo and Label have travelled side by side for a long time, often blending into one another in the eyes of editors, readers, participants to the events, clients and advertisers.

Given the difficulties of the Italian market, Label was a challenge, and even now that the project is closed, its success is still to be determined.
We will always remember the nights spent deciding the new cover. The inspiring moments, when a new crazy idea emerged for the Hype section of unrealistic trends. The years animated by the commitment of sharing visions, fashions, cultures, hallucinations. Transforming ourselves with Label, sometimes as trendsetters, sometimes as head cases lying on a leather couch and using Quark Xpress as a mirror. Growing up in public”.

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