La Venaria Reale

a natural evolution

The studio renews the visual identity of the royal residence: the campaigns for 2021/22 come to life. A living project for cultural excellence.

The project entrusted to Bellissimo comprises the visual communication of the venue, the institutional campaign, the image of the cultural program of the year, that goes by the title GREEN, and the exhibition An infinite beauty.

The Venaria Reale complex is a masterpiece of baroque on the outskirts of Turin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site among Piedmont's Savoy Royal Residences.

Since its reopening in 2007, after the largest restoration work in Europe, the Palace and its Gardens welcome the public to a place of art, history and nature with few similar, where architecture and landscape merge together.

The visual identity conceived by Bellissimo was born to tell about this combination in a more immediate way and transmit the vitality of a venue which is a gathering space and active experience in constant evolution.

This renewed vision, outlined by the contest phase, is reflected in the idea of a unique common thread for the 2020 program, a further innovation of Consorzio La Venaria Reale. The launch of GREEN, a program dedicated not by chance to nature and sustainability, gives the opportunity to reveal the new image.

Bellissimo's graphic design enhances the most famous symbol of the Palace, the nine-diamond chessboard inspired by the floor in Galleria Grande, which had already been used as a pictogram of the Venaria Reale logo (which is unchanged).

Geometric and sharp-cornered, the chessboard now combines with an anthology of elegant signs of vegetable inspiration, with soft lines and light colours: they are the very historical glyphs of the Bodoni typeface, the ornaments of the logotype's institutional character.

The encounter of these elements creates a flexible, dynamic, living system. The different possible compositions convey the liveliness of the complex, its organic richness, the sensations that can be experienced in the open air — as if the halls and galleries opened towards the gardens and the park.

"Where time comes to life" is the new message that, in a coherent way, tells the promise of the place and on this are based future campaigns focused on the valuable moments lived at Venaria.

The communication combines refinement and contemporaneity. It watches over a positioning both high and accessible, contemporary and friendly, noble and fun, to appeal to a wide and diverse audience.

The image of the GREEN program takes up the elements and grammar of the general project, to focus even more on the graphic language.

The rhombuses of the chessboard are recomposed into a "header", interpreting the program as a festival. Under a single container clarity and creativity must meet, to give order to a proposal divided into several moments and multiple categories.

The sequence of seasons has a leading role in the program's proposals, which will mark their passage with special appointments, including a series of concerts dedicated precisely to the Four Seasons of Vivaldi.

Each season is associated with a guiding colour and its own distinctive sign among the ornaments, with an elegant reference to nature cycles. Colours and shapes give a sense of positivity, freedom. Once again, the maximum focus is on the versatility and flexibility of the system.

Bellissimo also contributes to the verbal story of the year with the campaign slogan "Seasons in real life", which has become the subtitle of GREEN, and with the proposal to dedicate a title to the four periods.

The names "Largo alla Primavera", "Presto è Estate", "Adagio d'Autunno", "Allegro in Inverno" each take up the tempo of a movement from the respective concertos composed by Vivaldi: a tribute, an original inspiration for narration, a reference to the different spirit of the seasons.

The announcement of GREEN coincided with the launch of a video featuring the seasons of the year, view here. The studio took care of the conception and production, anticipating the imminent awakening of Venaria: a place of compelling beauty and natural harmony, ready to host new life.

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