La città di domani

the experience of turin, the vision of milan

Two twin evenings at Turin and Milan to strengthen the relation between the northern  capitals. An occasion to discuss together of the urban communication, starting from books curated by Bellissimo for Torino Strategica.

The 15 and 23 of may 2013 Bellissimo presented two public events dedicated to the cities and to those who imagine their future together, organized with the urban consultancy firm "Secolo Urbano".

The events, moderated by Luca Ballarini (Bellissimo, ITALIC) and Giacomo Biraghi (Secolo Urbano, Tavoli Expo), are attended by economists and urban strategist, authors and architects.

Bellissimo returns to its roots, dedicating itself to a subject which is central to the creative studio: if we wish to confront ourselves on a global scale, the Italian cities must be capable of projecting themselves in the next decades, rethinking the future.
We live in the century of the cities. For the great urban centers its essential to put themselves in to a different light, involving the different energies that are inside of them. Giving themselves a new vision.

Thanks to its urban communication competences gained during years of experience, Bellissimo had followed Torino Strategica —an association in charge of creating a new strategic plan for the cities— in the initial phase of the territory audit, curating the editorial project in two books with the voices of the local actors and a group of young experts.

“The city of opportunities” and “Building a system to overcome the crisis” narrates of the landscape and proposals for the Turin of the next twenty years to come.

The books curated by Bellissimo for Torino Strategica are the perfect excuse to discuss which instruments to activate to immagine the scenaries of a different city. What are the similar experiences ? What are the opportunities or weakness of the urban communications ?

The experience in Turin and its participation as beta-tester can be usefull to a Milan in the lookout of sceneries of post 2015. From here starts the dialogue between the “twin cities” over a shared urgency that bond them together: rethinking themselves.

Turin, 15 may / Bellissimo

Luca Ballarini, creative director of Bellissimo, editor of ITALIC
Giacomo Biraghi, founder of Secolo Urbano, coordinator of Tavoli Expo 2015 (@secolourbano)
with Giovanni Padula, director of CityO Urban Intelligence, co-founder of Creativity Group Europe together with Richard Florida
Alessandro Rimassa, director of the communication and management school – IED Milan, author of “Generation 1000 euros”
and Anna Prat, director of Torino Strategica

Milano, 23 may / Spazio FMG

Luca Ballarini, Giacomo Biraghi
with Ada Lucia De Cesaris, vice mayor of Milan, assessor at Urban and Private Constructions
Luca Molinari, art critic and scientific director of Viapiranesi
Matteo Robiglio, architect (TRA), professor at the Politecnico di Torino,
Paolo Verri, director of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, already director of Turin International

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