Kilometro Rosso

the longest claim in italy

The innovation district narrates itself on its façade along the highway. It was up to Bellissimo to create an impactful communication to equal visibility.

A red line runs flanking the A4 Torino-Venice motorway. Kilometro Rosso is Bergamo's Innovation District, a research and enterprise center based on a project by the architect Jean Nouvel, to house companies looking at exchange and synergies.

The scientific and technological park turned to Bellissimo for a double need: to promote the place, now in expansion, and to tell about its activities to the outside world, not always aware of the excellence taking place behind the famed "wall".

Bellissimo designed the new graphic set-up for the access portals not in use today: six rectangles of 15 meters overlooking the motorway A4, very different from the standard format.

After a reflection on readability in such exceptional conditions, in which speed and travel experience must be taken in consideration, the study relied on the strength of synthesis and verbal composition, and recomposition.

A few full-size words create a two-faced phrase, a double positioning statement, readable in both directions: "Excellence of innovation — a 1-km-long red line moves the future", for those traveling east; "The future moves a 1-km-long red line of innovation excellence" in the opposite direction.

Contrasting colours and a sharp typeface reinforce the concept of the intervention. The graphics accompany the reading with a diagonal line, a tribute to the red symbol. Is this the longest slogan in Italy?

The project inaugurates a series of interventions designed to narrate, with different signs and languages, the values and evolution of Kilometro Rosso.

After the first message, ideal task of "microbranding" on a large scale, other interventions will follow to give value to a surface that is in all respects a bulletin board that boasts 10 million views per month — as many as the vehicles travelling by it. 

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