an accent on wonder

Bellissimo redesigned the brand identity of Kalatà, a cultural enterprise that offers people a unique experience at heritage sites.

Kalatà is committed to an ambitious process of organisational development and growth in the cultural and tourist services’ market.

In 2019, as well as renewing its thrilling “Magnificat” visit to see the frescoes decorating the Vicoforte sanctuary cupola close-up, Kalatà also introduced tours to discover the Sacred Mountain of Varallo and an original experience to visit the Santa Maria delle Vigne basilica in Genoa.

Bellissimo assisted Kalatà in this evolution, redefining its visual and verbal identity in a coherent way with the new positioning: from branding, to the new logo and a coordinated visual identity, from the payoff to the content and graphic design of the web site.

The new identity focuses on Kalatà’s principal brand values: wonderful experiences, receptiveness, pop vocation.

All the themes expressed in the payoff “the wonder is open” are represented in graphic form by the characteristic elements of the logo, consisting of an original mark we’ve called “accented”: an iconic accent in the form of an exclamation mark.

An accented “a” becomes the brand’s characteristic mark, transformed also into a pattern in the two principal colours of the bright, new palette.

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