Jazz:Re:Found Festival


Headquarters, content partners and guest editors together in a place branding project. The work of Bellissimo for the 2017 Jazz:Re:Found Festival.

The program of the music festival is available on jazzrefound.it

From 29th November to 3rd December 2017, Jazz:Re:Found celebrated its tenth anniversary. This is the third edition held in Turin after the first years in Vercelli, showing a path of growth and success in the Piedmontese cultural calendar.

The festival explores black culture in a cross-cutting way. A lot of music, including global names, and much more: street art, performances, style trends. A time for sharing, passion and fun, and an opportunity to give voice to distant lands, always running from mainstream choices.

The slogan of this edition is "Never Hype / Ever Ahead".

On its 10th birthday, Jazz:Re:Found wants to talk about its commitment.

Bellissimo was in charge of the graphics project and the layout of the program’s booklet, developed based on the 2017 festival campaign, by Marco Klefisch.

Part of a broader communication strategy, the publication is not limited to presenting artists. In its 32 pages, the booklet expresses the original spirit and energy of "JZ:RF", with a surprise related to the venues of the event.

Jazz:Re:Found chose, in fact, a less known area of ​​Turin, with live sets, DJ sets and speeches being held in three locations between Madonna di Campagna and Scalo Vanchiglia: Supermarket, Comodo 64 and our Bellissimo Blue Loft.

With this place branding project, Bellissimo took the chance to reinforce the personality of the small neighbourhood, often referred to as "Borgo dei Pirati", the Pirates’ village, due to its streets that after the war were hidden from the police.

With this in mind, a brief story of the Village and a map are included in the program welcoming the festival and his audience, showing a bit of pride and a sense of belonging as the studio is among the first creative realities to have settled in these streets.

For those like the Jazz:Re:Found Festival, who have proven their will to experiment and change looks, this area is certainly an ideal home.

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