Italian Village

export manager

The final of the 2014 Italian Super Cup is played in Doha, Qatar. The match is an opportunity to offer the local audience a real Italian experience: a place of entertainment, a showcase for manufacturers.

In December, with less than a week's notice, Bellissimo packed up to help our local partner CELS to design an Italian village. The project involved the creation of a plaza-stage and 14 exhibition spaces dedicated to the city of Naples and Turin to celebrate the Napoli - Juventus match.

An opportunity to gain visibility and explore other markets, in which we involved Piedmontese brands like Avidano (chocolate) and Galfrè (mushrooms) to tell in person and in an authentic and engaged way about the identity of Turin and the region — with products coming directly from Italy.
The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo foundation, which collaborated with Bellissimo in the past, was also present with a space dedicated to contemporary art.

In the three days prior to the match, Bellissimo managed the content of the Turin half of the village and designed and followed the on-site production of the installations.

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