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Branding consulting reaches a company of great efficiency and international affirmation.

For Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini, 2017 is the year to meet a new prestigious sector: healthcare.

Inpeco is the international reference for the automation of clinical laboratories. The most advanced analytics centers in the world choose its innovative solutions to make their work more efficient and safer.

Automation in health care is not just the same as greater results, but the only sure way to ensure a correct process free of the many human errors — such as the exchange of a test tube — that still affect from the diagnostic stage.

The founder-pioneer Gian Andrea Pedrazzini based his research on this very vision for over 30 years. 

The group, with several offices between Italy, Europe and North America, has multiple innovations in several medical fields in sight and requires better visibility.

Bellissimo used its established effective strategy: from interviews with the managers of the company, to reports on communication
needs, in order to define the basic elements for the brand's personality in a second phase.

The general positioning of industry leaders, linked to the general values of complete safety and control, was then combined with an analysis of the "value proposition" of the various solutions — useful for future naming intervention.

The studio addressed visual restyling to enhance Inpeco following the given guideline not to revolutionize the previous image.

The great effort of harmonizing the distinctive sign and the typography has led to a professional corporate identity, with an international nature, which is enriched with a new colour: orange, to give energy and human value.

The new visual and verbal identity is expressed in the new Company Profile, the first communication tool curated by Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini.

The relationship with Inpeco is an addition to the many cases of communication in the business-to-business field, expanding the experience of the firm in a special sector, which by definition requires high quality standards.

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