a beautiful image

A name and new image for the range of “cosmeceuticals” by Ilaria Prandelli

Precious materials have always been the focus of our heart’s desire, as they are associated with beauty and a charm that is mesmerising. In the eyes of Ilaria Prandelli, an independent pharmacist, gold, pearls and caviar are ingredients of this kind: extremely pure substances that help to create products that blend caring and cosmetics.

Creams, serums, and intensive treatments: three lines with a single formulation ensuring the most effective results thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients. Bellissimo assisted Ilaria Prandelli in the creation of the identity and image for Ilaire, her brand of cosmeceuticals.

The branding process began with a focus group to test the concept of the new brand: a survey was conducted to collect information about buying habits and value aspects related to cosmetic products. 

We analysed the insights and drew inspiration for the branding, identifying the seven values that reflect the image of Ilaria Prandelli and the women who will use her products.

The next step was to find the name: a twist on the founder’s name with an Italian and vaguely French sound. For the descriptor —Italian Cosmeceutical Essence— we focused on the three distinctive brand elements: cosmeceuticals, Italian, and essence where the concentration of elements is a differentiating factor.

As regards the coordinated image, the studio focused its attention on the name. The logo is almost a statement, a graceful brand format in capital letters, which takes a central position in all applications. 

Bellissimo also oversaw the design and executive production for the packaging and shopper bags. Whether it is a bottle or a box, every item becomes a small casket enriched with visual and tactile features thanks to essential and meticulous style choices.

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