Grappa Libarna

distillate to the letter

Gruppo Montenegro relaunches a historic brand of grappa. Bellissimo takes care of the packaging for the wine shop and gives the brand a new graphic look.

Grappa Libarna, a characteristic Piedmontese distillery, is a distillate with a strong connection with its birthplace in 1906. The name is derived from the Roman hamlet of Serravalle Scrivia in the Alessandria region.

Gruppo Montenegro, Italy's third largest liqueur company, has recently relaunched the brand as part of its 'Traditional Italian Liqueur range”, involving Bellissimo in the project - one of the ongoing collaborations between the firm and the famous liqueur brand “dal sapore vero”, with true flavour, as its legendary pay off claimed.

Bellissimo thus creates the new packaging with which the grappa is presented to the most sought-after wine shops and specialised retailers.

The L in Libarna becomes the graphic symbol of the brand, which stands out from the shelves and offers grappa lovers a new freshness - also thanks to the slight diagonal orientation.

The result is an essential "cover", minimalistic in its historic authenticity, with a strong impact and visibility on the shelf.

The Libarna range comprises four qualities of grappa, each with its own distinctive colour consistent with the labels on the precious bottles.

The choice colours are the result of a strategic research on the competitors: grey for Cristallo, brick for Barricata, ochre for 18 months and black for Riserva di Barolo - a superior one, which also differs in the wood chosen for the pack that recalls the value of the barrels in which it is aged.

Through its pack design work, Bellissimo provides Grappa Libarna its new graphic style features for communication and once more highlights the importance of typography in brand identity.

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