looking ahead

Bellissimo designed the exhibition spaces for the event launching glo™ on the Italian market and created the location’s communication image.

From 7th to 14th April 2018, the prestigious Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin hosted Guarda Avanti (Looking Ahead), a week of free exhibitions and talks, which accompanied the presentation of the innovative tobacco heating system.

The concept: an optimistic vision of the future, combined with ideas of confidence and joy. Our studio developed the theme in collaboration with Amarena Company, the agency in charge of organising the event.

The first task of Bellissimo was to outline the identity of the promotional campaign, and adapt it to the various communication tools

Reinterpreting the distinctive elements of the brand, spherical shapes and orange colour, we chose to create a geometrical composition, an ideal invitation to integration.

The graphics reveal a detail of the courtyard of the location, an exclusive space usually closed to the public, where a transparent dome was installed to host talks, meetings, aperitifs and DJ sets with international guests.

The noble floor instead was transformed in a sensory journey through several environments, conceived by Bellissimo starting from the brand's keywords. The first was the Inclusive Path, which guided the audience with a play on light.

After the first installation, followed the Joyful Room, a space where visitors could immerse themselves in dozens of orange balloons.

The environment conveyed a feeling of lightness and joy, involving people in a simple game with a strong emotional impact.

To follow, the Bright Room: a dark room lit by LEDs, endlessly multiplied by the mirrors on the walls.

The multitude of lights, a metaphor for enlightening ideas, represented an invitation to draw inspiration from the most intelligent, innovative and accessible insights.

Finally, in the Liberating Room visitors could share a moment of lightheartedness, going on the swings of an ethereal space, seemingly without floor or ceiling.

After the sensory journey, visitors reached the elegant glo™ Exhibit space, where to discover the device and try it in the next glo™ Experience room.

Bellissimo also organised an inspirational talk, moderated by Luca Ballarini, with Laszlito Kovacs, the Creative Director of WeTransfer.

During his intervention, entitled "It's a great time for Creativity", Kovacs spoke about leading a digital company with over 40 million users worldwide, named Best Innovative Company of 2018 by Fortune.

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