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The prestigious publishing house of university textbooks celebrates its 100th anniversary by presenting itself with a new look. Bellissimo restyles the logo and book covers.

Giappichelli is a prolific Turin-based publishing company, an Italian reference for law and economics volumes. Established in 1921 by Modesto Giappichelli, who started off as a university caretaker, over time the house has published experts and scholars such as Einaudi, Bobbio, Vattimo, Mila, Cantone.

On the occasion of its centenary, and a moment of reflection on strategies, together with Bellissimo the company, run by the new generations of the Giappichelli family, decided to undertake a visual restyling.

The first step in the collaboration is the modernisation of the logo: starting with the previous design - the pictogram of a 'G' that folds like the page of a book -. Bellissimo has worked on the colours and essentiality.

The new symbol finds lightness by removing the 3D effect and introduces a more authoritative typeface: editorial and contemporary.

The elements of the renewed visual identity give life to the special logo designed to celebrate the centenary: the fold in the capital G becomes the upper stroke of the number 1 - for a dynamic interpretation of a historic celebration sign.

The centenary logo will be displayed together with a portrait of founder Modesto Giappicchelli in a celebratory press campaign (whose graphics have been curated by Bellissimo).

A more profound and radical operation was required for the restyling of the university texts, whose new cover system was designed by Bellissimo.

Faced with a huge catalogue with a rich variety of series, the design for the new graphic lines creates a flexible and coherent visual system - a generative system - capable of combining efficiency and recognisability.

Bellissimo's indications actually go beyond the publishing house's past approach, which left free space on the cover for subjects related to the authors' subjects.

The new system instead sets a uniform graphic scheme, with fixed elements in variable spaces: a method, a rhythm, that gives strength to the overall brand identity and enhances the Giappichelli "shelf" - in bookshops and int the homes of students and professionals alike.

Speaking of books on bookshelves, here is the design scheme for the backs of the volumes.

For Bellissimo it is an appreciated return to the publishing sector after the successful experience with Codice Edizioni.

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