GFL - The Rerum Natura

the essential is visible

Bellissimo collaborates one more time with Gfl ahead of the launch of its The Rerum Natura product line in stores. The shooting becomes a concept.

The relationship with the Italian-Swiss company of body care products dates back to 2016 with our branding and visual identity project — here.

Gfl was born as a manufacturer of amenities, the kind of hygiene and beauty products we find in hotel rooms. It then gradually opened up to direct sales to consumers, first via e-commerce and then in perfumery.

Bellissimo won the contest whose requirements were to accompany the brand The Rerum Natura in its entering the world of retail.

Among the brand ranges, The Rerum Natura is the one that most draws on herbal tradition. Starting from its name, inspired by the
poem by philosopher Lucretius, the brand makes a promise of making products investigating the profound essence of natural elements, and offering their purest qualities.

Setting off from this positioning, Bellissimo's creativity and visual concept surround the pivotal role of cosmetics' artisan, when not altogether alchemical, dimension.

The set gives life to an ideal herbalist laboratory, simultaneously ancient and minimal, where a scientific knowledge is exercised and leads towards beauty, a little by magic. Stills, tubes and communicating vessels distill in soft colors the fragrances of flowers, fruits and other botanical species.

In the staging of the shooting, organized with Gfl creative director Emanuela Rossi's collaboration, we worked physically with raw materials and products, with an equally artisanal touch.

Bellissimo has invested great attention on the choice of props, selected directly from the real scientific instruments of a specialized historical archive.

As The Rerum Natura is inspired by an ancient philosophy, on a quest for the essence of things, so it takes Bellissimo's creativity into the past to give life to timeless elegance, telling about a brand distilling the essence of well-being.

Here is the press campaign created by Gfl, which resumes the concept of communication and photography featured by the studio.

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