form and substance

In its first project for the beauty industry, Bellissimo gave a refined touch to the new logo of GFL, a leading hotel amenities supplier.

Well-finished and high-quality soap bars, body creams and shampoos can be part of the small surprises to bring home from a trip. The largest European manufacturer of hotel amenities is based in Lugano, on the border between Lombardy and Switzerland.

In 2016, GFL, named after the company’s founders, began selling its products directly online on the website

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini was entrusted with the task of redefining the corporate brand, with a new logo also aimed at end consumers.

GFL's cosmetic lines differ one another in style and target, but share the extreme attention given to every technical and aesthetic detail.

In keeping with the studio’s approach, the branding path undertaken with the founders and the creative director of the company began with a consultation on the communication strategy, through which brand values ​​and strategic messages were identified — both for B2B and B2C.

The content defined at this stage included the claim that now welcomes visitors on GFL's website: "Indulgence to enjoy every day".

The work on the coordinated image focused on elegance and lightness, two qualities necessary for this precious brand to integrate the various styles of its different lines (exotic, minimal, natural and for children), whose graphics are designed by the creative team of GFL.

The logo was stripped down to an essential glyph, consisting of the three letters of the name: a discrete signature to be applied on the various packages as a distinctive sign of the company.

To define identity guidelines within the brand architecture, Bellissimo created a brand manual with a study of colours, typographic styles and the visual image.

Bellissimo also chose the name for a range of products: Hopal, a sustainable skin care line with a minimal design.

Here are some pictures of the GFL lines. The selection shows the company's talent in designing the graphics and packaging of each product — a reason of further gratification for Bellissimo, called to collaborate with a reality of such a great aesthetic sensibility.


(Pictures kindly provided by GFL)

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