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Answering to the commercial needs of one of the Italian top brands in the wine industry,
Bellissimo realizes the new communication tools for Gancia.

Casa Gancia renews its presentation materials in occasion of the launch of its new original bottle, designed to distinguish the entire brand collection. 

The historical Piedmont wine & spirits company tasked Bellissimo to design and write a series of brochures aimed at its potential customers of the on-trade and off-trade circuits.

The task: present the brands commercial offer in an effective way, while communicating the high brand positioning and its values.

While browsing through the leaflet's pages, the brand’s history, the elegant advertising suggestions and the technical specification of the traditional sparkling wines of Gancia and Pinot di Pinot unfold themselves.

In the spring of 2015, a wonderful premium catalogue was added to the tools in order to introduce to the markets the whole line of co-branded products: not only wines and sparkling wines, but also vermouths and distillates such as Russian Standard and Zubrowka.

Also in this case, the graphics design and copywriting were signed by Bellissimo.

The series was completed in autumn with the most exclusive trading tool, aimed at top retail outlets and wine shops.

Everything in the Deluxe Catalogue expresses the value of the group's elite brands — pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. The distinctive element is a special cover with an overlay of golden paper printed in white letters.

Inside, the evocative images of the brand, clear and elegant, well finished and light.

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