1896 in 2016

Putting the "true Italian spirit" tradition on paper to promote the brand and its new products. A commitment that crosses generations.

Following the various projects dedicated to their sparkling wines, F.lli Gancia entrusted Bellissimo with the catalogue for the range of Galliano liqueurs — a brand distributed by the group.

Galliano is a versatile product that bartenders can mix in aperitifs or after-dinner drinks. Above all, its strong style involves a full range of concepts and a unique retro charm that had to be conveyed in the brochure.

The graphics bring together the different elements of the brand, from its story to the botanical illustrations of the many ingredients, and show the "Italian spirit" in its classic version, dated 1896, together with its three new variants.

The communication approach that Gancia desired for Galliano aims at interpreting with elegance and high-class an old-fashioned tradition that has been rediscovered in recent years in the beverage industry.

The manufacturing choices are the main expression of this refined personality.

The folder distributed to the bartenders stands out for the shiny coating, the metallic inks and the paper selection — all aspects with which a brand introduces itself, as it would through images and words.

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