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a mending magazine

Appointed as senator for life, the architect Renzo Piano has decided to devote his remuneration to a project aimed at “mending” Italian cities.
A year later, the magazine Periferie tells the vision and the results of the workgroup thanks to Bellissimo/Luca Ballarini.

Released with Il Sole 24 Ore in Rome and Milan, “Periferie. Diary of the mending of our cities” is directed by Carlo Piano along with Walter Mariotti. Luca Ballarini is the creative director. Graphic design by Bellissimo.

Halfway between a project report and a magazine, Periferie narrates the interventions realized by G124, a team of six young architects and three senior tutors (Massimo Alvisi, Mario Cucinella, Maurizio Milan) coordinated by the senator architect: three small projects in the suburbs of Turin, Rome and Catania aimed at triggering bigger and larger projects of regeneration.

The activities reports are accompanied by the commentaries of fifteen among architects, experts and journalists — such as Armando Massarenti, Francesco Merlo and Gian Antonio Stella.
The introduction is curated by the President of the Italian Republic and the Senate President.

The first issue of Periferie can be downloaded at the following link (pdf) or on G124 website.


Involved in the magazine direction by the promoters, Carlo Piano and Walter Mariotti (founder of the lifestyle magazine IL), Luca Ballarini curates the graphic design of the magazine.
A high-level task —almost institutional, considering the personalities involved— that required creative freedom and a contemporary vision.

The cover and the internal sections are inspired by the idea of “mending”, a central topic in Renzo Piano’s vision of urban regeneration, intended as the attention for margins and encounter between contrasts. Every internal cover offers a photographic juxtaposition, with the union of two images (photography by Claudio Morelli).

Bellissimo curated as well part of the editorial work (editing, content arrangement, and title creation).


The topic of the project and the graphic design for Periferie represent for Bellissimo a continuation of experiences from ITALIC, the monthly information magazine designed by the agency.

With this project Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini returns to its root passion for graphic and editorial design, an ongoing commitment in its years of activity.

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