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Bellissimo looked after the visual identity and visions of Rail City-Lab, the workshop organised by FS Sistemi Urbani to imagine the future of seven railway sites in Turin. 

FS Sistemi Urbani —a company belonging to the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane group whose remit is to develop disused railway sites— commissioned Bellissimo to look after the visual communication and create some city visions for the Rail City-Lab workshop, held from 29 to 31 May 2019 at the Environment Park in Turin.

Aim of the workshop: imagine the future development of seven areas which together cover a surface area of 500,000 square metres.

Rail City-Lab gathered together designers, international experts, investors, representatives from the institutions and academic world to analyse the vocation and potential of these areas and assess their ability to attract interest in the current urban market context.

Watch the video of the workshop

Bellissimo provided Sistemi Urbani with support in various aspects of the project, starting with the name “Rail City-Lab” that summarises the experimental nature of the event. 

The visual identity, organised with various communication materials and installations, develops the theme of transformation through a typographical metamorphosis with a strong visual impact.

In addition to the graphic and editorial project for the 7 brochures —one for each area— distributed to the participants as a trigger for the brainstorming activities, Bellissimo created seven original urban visions with the creative support of Maurizio Zucca, Giuseppe Dell’Aquila, Francesco Fossati and Matteo Pericoli.

With abundant graphical content, the 16-page documents talk about the current situation of the 7 areas involved in the operation (Porta Susa Spina 2, Oddone Spina 3, Rebaudengo Spina 4, Lingotto Parco della Salute, Lingotto FS, San Paolo, Brunelleschi) and put forward various ideas for their future developments.

Providing names was also on the agenda: our studio proposed a new distinctive name for each site (including “Nodo – North of Docks Dora”, “Spina Verde” and “The Tech Village”). The names go hand-in-hand with the urban redevelopment concepts and visions, whose visual appeal was enhanced by the pen of designer Matteo Pericoli.

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