Fondazione ULAOP-CRT

to grow up solidly

The association dedicated to childhood grows. Bellissimo makes the integration with other Fondazione CRT’s institutions graphically effective.

In 2018, the U.L.A.O.P. Onlus association became a foundation, Fondazione ULAOP-CRT, continuing to deal with themes such as the culture of parenting, education and childhood care.

The step forward by Ulaop has made it necessary to review their visual identity both to communicate their new institutional role and to better coordinate with the image of Fondazione CRT.

Bellissimo has made this integration graphically, focusing its work on
solving parenting issues and dialoguing with other institutional stakeholders. 

We designed a new pictogram with four primary and modular forms that compose the "U" letter. The yellow and blue colours used in the logo
are the same of the CRT Foundation.

As part of the coordinated image, we also designed Fondazione ULAOP's new website.

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