Genoa San Giorgio Viaduct

a white ship

The Renzo Piano Foundation commissions Bellissimo to create the graphic project of the book dedicated to the Genoa San Giorgio Viaduct.

The inauguration of the new Genoa Bridge on August 4, 2020 was among the few positive news of the year. The work designed by Renzo Piano, following the fateful August 2018 events, has become a symbol of rebirth for the city: a bridge shaped as a ship, named after St. George, which crosses the Polcevera valley — namesakes and places that have entered the country's shared history.

For this reason, we are happy to have collaborated on the publication narrating the project not just to those in the know, but also to the many that were looking at the new bridge with enthusiasm and hope.

Bellissimo's project is developed in continuity with the graphic design of the Foundation's series. Starting from the usual square format, the restyling introduces a series of changes: a new layout, typography, print trims such as the enhancing relief of' Piano's drawing on the cover.

Opened in its middle, the book visually recalls the section of the bridge. A central band runs through the entire volume in various graphic and chromatic patterns, a common element of the layout and an information container.

The colours of the graphic design focus on light, a fundamental element which was already at the center of the architectural project to start with. The sunlight from the South shines over the Genoa gulf, before it shimmers on the bridge steel.

With this edition Bellissimo celebrates the beginning of a new chapter in the collaboration with the Renzo Piano Foundation, which contemplates the graphic curatorship of the monographs dedicated to the great Italian architect's projects. 

The next appointment is with GES2, a new project by Renzo Piano that will transform a former power plant in the center of Moscow into a cultural hub.

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